Tumbleweed Technologies Serving Hale, Lamb, Swisher, Lubbock and Floyd counties. 

Specializes in helping Medium and Small Businesses, and Churches with the integration of the New Technologies that are evolving daily. 


Managed Services

Tumbleweed Technologies Managed Services for Small and Medium size Businesses. We providing remote system support, antivirus and malware in a basic package. We can also offer System Backup both local and offsite storage.  We also have DNS filtering for added Malware and virus protection for your network We can provide you with managed Firewall services to better protect your and harden your network. We offer 24/7 computer health and error monitoring, and windows patch management.   Email for an appointment to discuss its potential for your Business.


Full Service Web Site Design and Development.

Let us sit down and discuss your website needs. We can build a site to fit your need. Whether it is a E-commerce site or just a simple site we have a solution that will fit your pocket book. 

We also offer Web site management or we can also just preform site updates when needed. 

We also offer Business Class Email Servers for our customers and most hosting plans includes email in the package.  

In The News

Well it is now 2016 and another year is gone. Another year has come and my question to you is after the many years you have had a computer and or devices have you implemented a backup strategy for your system or device to protect you incase of a failure? 

Can you back up your devices and then access your data else where incase of a failure? Increasingly we have our data over many devices and access if from multiple places. if your computer dies or your device fails could you retrieve your important data? Would that picture of the kids or Grandma be lost forever? 

If your not protected you should consider resolving that risk this year. 



Americans are still waiting for a resolution to the controversy that erupted when it was discovered that the National Security Agency was spying on everyone's telephones – lawsuits still are pending and Congress is working on making changes to the law. Now they're learning that while the NSA was collecting telephone data, the newest version of…

Mobile Device Protection

In 2015 we saw a full assault on the Mobile device market from the malware and virus creators. Is your mobile device properly protected from theses threats? If your device or cell phone was stolen could you lock it to protect your data or you personal information?  Could you even wipe your data from it in case of lost or theft?

Well if you can not answer yes to those questions give me a call and let me show you the options  for your security and protection.

Virus and Malware Removal

There are thousands of Viruses and Malware programs on the internet. High Speed users are a target due to the always on connection and also as a target of those who would make them a member of a bot attack network. 

Most computer users end up downloading additional Viruses and Malware and even Trojans and Hijackers in their efforts to clean their own systems. Not having a knowledge which tools are good for cleaning and which are loaded with more troubles is a big hazard online. 

We can help you remove these unwanted items and then protect you with an antivirus program that will help you protect your system.



Mobile Friendly Websites

Send us a email and allow us to work with you to make your website mobile friendly and then we can get your rankings back up on the Google search index.